Date Event NOR
2/13-14/16 Old South Regatta
2/20-21/16 USF Women’s Interconference
2/20-21/16 Nelson Roltsch
2/27-28/16 Frank Mendelblatt Team Race
2/27-28/16 Jeremy McIntyre Team Race
3/5-6/16 Charleston Women’s
3/5-6/16 Bob Bavier Team Race
3/5-6/16 Eckerd Interconference
3/12-13/16 Navy Women’s Spring Interconference
3/12-13/16 Harbor Cup
3/12-13/16 St. Mary’s Team Race Interconference
3/12-13/16 John Jackson Team Race
3/12-13/16 Charleston Spring Coed
3/19-20/16 Southern New England Team Race
3/19-20/16 Graham Hall Team Race
3/19-20/16 St. Mary’s Women’s Interconference
3/26-27/16 Friis Trophy
3/26-27/16 Duplin Women’s Team Race
3/26-27/16 Admiral Moore Team Race
3/26-27/16 Aaron Szambecki Team Race
4/2-3/16 St. Francis Yacht Club Interconference
4/2-3/16 Lynne Marchiando Team Race
4/2-3/16 Dellenbaugh Women’s Trophy
Date Event Results
2/6-7/16 Harris Kempner Memorial
1/16-17/16 Rainbow Invitational
1/9/16 ICSA Semi Annual Meeting
1/2-3/16 Rose Bowl Regatta
12/30-31/15 Sugar Bowl
11/20-22/15 2015-2016 ICSA Match Race National Championship
11/14-15/15 Pacific Coast Championship
11/14-15/15 Atlantic Coast Championship
11/14-15/15 Women’s Atlantic Coast Championship
11/14-15/15 Atlantic Coast Tournament
11/6-8/15 2014-2015 Kennedy Cup
11/6-8/15 2015-2016 ICSA / LaserPerformance Women’s Singlehanded National Championships
11/6-8/15 2015-2016 ICSA / LaserPerformance Singlehanded National Championships
10/31-1/15 Freshman Interconference Regatta/Nickerson Trophy
10/24-25/15 Mrs. Hurst Women’s
10/24-25/15 Hoyt Trophy
10/24-25/15 Kathryn Hammond Memorial
10/17-18/15 Yale Women’s
10/17-18/15 Capt. Hurst Bowl
10/17-18/15 Truxton Umsted Memorial Regatta
10/17-18/15 Stoney Burke
10/10-11/15 **PROMOTIONAL** Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta
10/10-11/15 David Lee Arnoff Trophy
10/10-11/15 Moody Trophy
10/10-11/15 Navy Women’s Fall
10/3-4/15 Jesuit Open
10/3-4/15 Robert Cary-Allen Price Memorial
10/3-4/15 **PROMOTIONAL** Intrepid Trophy Match Race
10/3-4/15 Danmark Trophy
9/26-27/15 St. Mary’s Fall
9/26-27/15 Timme Angsten
9/19-20/15 Hatch Brown Interconference Regatta
9/19-20/15 Nevins Trophy
9/19-20/15 Stu Nelson Women’s
9/12-13/15 Fall Fury
9/12-13/15 Harry Anderson Trophy


November 20-22, 2015
Hosted by College of Charleston
Mt. Pleasant, SC

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Charleston Wins Match Race Championship!

November 23, 2015

College of Charleston wins Match Race Nationals Charleston edged out Dartmouth to secure the Cornelius Shields, Sr. Trophy. Teams representing California, Washington D.C, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Michigan…

NEISA Sailors of the Week, Weekend 12, Fall 2015

November 23, 2015

***Lalumiere, Greason, Rohman, and Wilson are the NEISA SAILORS OF THE WEEK***

NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week, Weekend 11, Fall 2015

November 21, 2015

***Bryer, Cedarholm, Scanlon, and DeCollibus are the NEISA Women's Sailors of the Week***

NEISA Coed Sailors of the Week, Weekend 11, Fall 2015

November 21, 2015

***Barnes, Britton, and Morin are the NEISA COED Sailors of the Week***

NEISA Women’s Sailors of the Week, Weekend 10, Fall 2015

November 10, 2015

***Baab '18 is the NEISA WOMEN’S SAILOR OF THE WEEK***